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Join Empowernomics seminar and empower yourself today!

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  • WHAT?

    Economics affects our lives more than we think. From the changing globally economic outlook to goverment policy.

  • WHO?

    Empowernomics is mainly targeted at corporate individuals and executives, seeking to develop their knowledge of economics.

  • WHY?

    By attending the Empowernomics seminars, you will not only obtain a strong understanding of the workings of the real economy.

Singapore’s Premium Executive Programs

Economics Campus is a leading education company in the Asia-Pacific for business professionals. Take the next step in your career with specialised training programs, seminars and workshops from Economics Campus. In economics, as in every other professional industry, remaining abreast of what is happening, as well as honing your own abilities is key to success. Recognising this, Economics Campus was created to provide Singapore-based professionals with access to specialised economics education programs. The goal of our executive courses is to provide elite level professionals with an in-depth understanding of practical economics, enabling them to make better-informed business, investment and life decisions.
We cater to those who want to get ahead. Our programs are for those ambitious individuals who want to network, learn, and grow both professionally and personally. We offer a range of courses and events in Singapore throughout the year. These include:

Our Empowernomics seminar attracts business professionals and investors from Singapore and the surrounding region. At our seminars, professionals learn how to apply economic theory into effective and lucrative business practices.
This is a great option for individuals who want to engage in an in-depth examination of current economic challenges and trends relevant to the Singapore market.
Corporate Training
Grow your business by unlocking the potential of your employees with our comprehensive corporate training courses.
Executive Courses
Learn how to become a leader by cultivating personal qualities and learning effective business management techniques when you participate in our executive program.
Network with some of the most influential executives in the region, make valuable business connections, and participate in discussions about the challenges our industry faces at one of our conferences.
So get involved and advance further towards to achieving your career goals with Economics Campus. For more information on our range of courses and events, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

“Empowernomics” Seminar
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